Man – It’s looking like Shangri-La Resort on Grand Lake is fixing to become “Fisherman Friendly!

Well I have BIG NEWS for the folks that like to fish at Grand Lake in NE Oklahoma! Resort CEO Barry Willingham and I are putting together a new “fisherman friendly” plan for the resort patrons. The fisherman friendly atmosphere has long been overdue at the resort and we are super excited to see how hardcore tournament anglers and weekend warriors on vacations with families will react to all the new changes! Shangri La resort is centrally located on Grand Lake and has been a favorite destination for anglers to launch their boats for years. Up until now there have never been amenities put in place to accommodate all those anglers….. and fortunately, thats changing in 2020!

Ideas being tossed around are plug-ins at dedicated boat parking/charging areas. Deep discounts on hotel rooms in non peak boating seasons. (Which are typically the best fishing seasons) Free – Early morning sack lunch breakfasts including coffee for tournament anglers staying at the hotel. Possible dedicated boat security on nights when the boat parking is nearly full. More details coming in the next few weeks!

If you see Barry around the resort and like to fish, tell him thanks for the new fisherman friendly forward thinking he is mandating! I know I have.

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