Am I nuts or just a true fan?

I’ve been a Kansas City Chiefs fan my entire life. Some very intelligent folks have questioned that decision through the years because KC hasn’t been to the Superbowl since 1969. That was 1 season before I was born. 🤦‍♂️

Over the years, internally, I have of grappled with the idea of continuing to cheer for a looser. Yep, looser. Unless you win the superbowl, your favorite team has lost that season. Harsh isn’t it… Constantly rooting for a looser isn’t smart, is it? It’s painful. It’s aggravating. It’s mind blowingly frustrating and a bunch of other adjectives and just it plain sucks when your team crashes and burns again. WTH is wrong with me meanders through my thoughts as I see the scoreboard go the wrong way again. Am I a glutton for punishment? Is there something a little whacky going on inside here? Those demons are real, if your a true fan.

So, with that all out in the open now, I think being a real, honest to god, no BS, unwavering fan of any sport team is nearly impossible for one’s desperate soul to separate with. I know as badly as I told myself a few times in the off-season I might consider rooting for another team, there was just no way possible for me to do that. The hype and the hope of next season always drew me back in. Last weeks 1st quarter against the Texans just about did me in y’all. But even during times like that there burns that little glimmer of hope, that only true fans really have.

It’s kinda ironic that I’m writing this as the Chiefs prep for the AFC championship game tomorrow. I think the Chiefs success with Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid over the last 2 seasons has caused me to reflect on many of my no so pleasant lifelong KC Chief memories. Could the law of averages be in play here? Could it be our time? Could I finally be rooting for a winner this season? Well, I’m not sure, but I do know as hard as I might try I’ll probably die a Chiefs fan, and there’s nothing I’m ever gonna be able to do about it. I know many other fans like this too. Friends and family from past and present, that as hard as they try, could never cheer for someone else.

I’ve often wondered what causes this team loyalty mentality in the subconscious. It’s just freakn weird y’all. Do you have an answer? Are you a true fan of a sports team? If so, who is it and how long have you been welded to a team that regardless of their winning abilities is still your favorite?

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