Learn how to use LiveScope, DownView and GPS to catch more Crappie!

Garmin 93sv linked with Garmin Panoptix Livescope showing Crappie around brush.

Howdy Gang….

Todays lesson might cost you some $$$ if you don’t already have these type of fish finders on your boat, but after you see this video, I think you’ll agree this is the future for many freshwater Crappie, Catfish, Walleye and White Bass anglers!

These 3 steps and technologies can make average anglers look like seasoned professionals. Limits of Crappies, Bass and Catfish are now easier to get than ever before. The best thing is these steps are not hard to learn. ALSO…..the fishing electronics technology used today by many top anglers is growing more and more affordable. This puts todays top fishing electronics within reach of the weekend warriors fishing budget!

Anglers have an unbelievable trove of tools available at their fingertips today from multiple brands. GPS, DownScan, SideView and color Chirp sonar are better than ever and offered in a lot of variations from leading brands at retail locations and boat dealers across America. The one real standout in 2019 for me was the advancement of Garmins’s LiveScope. At the current time I believe Garmin is way ahead of other popular fishing electronics brands “live style technologies”. I was so confident in this technology that I rigged my new 196 Charger VMAG multi species fishing boat completely in Garmin units. (Also, for the record I am not sponsored by Garmin.)

Sometime in the future I might write another piece about how LiveScope has changed my type of shallow freshwater Crappie fishing forever, but for now I’m just extremely happy that it’s available to use. I’ve learned a lot more about the species I enjoy fishing for with LiveScope and I’m definitely a lot more successful per outing.

Here’s a video on how I use GPS, DownView and Garmin LiveScope in unison to catch limits of Slab Crappie.


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