How I used Garmin LiveScope to catch Catfish!

Catfish on LiveScope surrounding my Fiber Nuggets as I drift down the Grand River.


Let me just say, I have caught a lot of catfish in my days. Blue Catfish, Channel Catfish and Flathead Catfish. Years ago I guided clients to catch Catfish. I’ve used rod and reel, jugline, trotline, bankline, bankpole and limblines to catch Catfish. I’ve caught Catfish that weighed up weighed 80 lbs. My family grew up catching Catfish. I started the Team Catfish tackle brand in 2007. I’ve been in newspapers, magazines, and on TV shows catching Catfish. I’ve won Catfish tournaments on several bodies of water across the US. I’ve produced quite a few videos catching Catfish from numerous places across the US. I have great friends that are Catfish Guides and Catfish Tournament anglers. I also have 47,000 subscribers at the Team Catfish YouTube Channel, 169,000 fans on the Team Catfish Facebook business page and have 12,000 Instagram followers at the Team Catfish profile… I said before, I have caught a lot of Catfish……..

Some of my earliest memories of catching Catfish are on Grand Lake in NE Oklahoma. My brother Tim and I fished with my Grandma on our dock at Monkey Island. We didn’t have very much to fish with then either. Good fishing gear like we have now was non existent for a country kid in Oklahoma. I’ m sure somewhere, someone had nice equipment, but it wasn’t us. That was back in the days when we used steel bait casters with no cast control, solid fiberglass rods and black braided dacron as line. We fished with whatever equipment we could get our hands on and we fished with whatever bait we could find or catch. We fished off the bank and off the dock. I had access to my Grandparents fiberglass paddleboat that I fished off of, but my legs were the motor.

Summertime Drifting the Grand River in my Charger Vmag for Catfish using Garmin LiveScope and Fiber Nuggets.

Not in my wildest dreams as a youngster might I of conjured up a crazy idea like a contraption that allowed me to see a fish strike under water, in real time. Such thoughts would of been ridiculous and senseless back then. We’re talking way out there like going to Mars. Jump forward 40 years and holy moly we now have technology like Garmin’s Panoptix LiveScope. I can now see Catfish and other types of fish swimming and watch them hit my bait “live”. Yep Live. Like actually see the fish hit at the same time you feel the strike. This technology is really beyond amazing. It’s truly revolutionary and yes I really, really enjoy using it. As I’ve watched LiveScope this year I’ve learned a lot about my whiskered friends roaming around down there too. It so cool to watch them on approach and attack baits like the Team Catfish Fiber Nuggets.

So, if you have time and are interested this is one of the very first “LiveScope Catfish videos” ever put on YouTube or the World Wide Web. You’ll see why I’m excited about this fish catching technology and what I’m talking about when you see a Catfish rise up off the bottom and eat a Fiber Nugget “Live”.

Thanks for watching and Good Luck out there –

Ole’ Pops

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