Garmin’s LiveScope is real life gaming for young anglers.

I know I keep writing pieces on LiveScope. I know many anglers are now trying to adjust their skillset to take advantage of LiveScope technology. I know I truly enjoy fishing with LiveScope. I know LiveScope works and has changed certain types of fishing forever. So, could LiveScope fishing be a gateway that introduces more young gamers to fishing?

Owen Williams with a Grand Lake Crappie he caught using Fle Fly fishing tackle.

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of introducing my youngest son Owen to some very exciting LiveScope Crappie fishing. I would consider Owen to be a very impressionable sponge and excellent angler at 16. He’s constantly looking for tips and tricks that make him a better fisherman. Also, Owen is excelling at his 10th grade home school program, so he gets earned time off for hard work. Yes he is getting his school work done then enjoying his free time. (What a novel idea!) Owen spends a lot of time Bass fishing in the Spring and Summer and now has aspirations of being a fishing Guide on Grand Lake in NE Oklahoma like his older brother Haydn.

Living in the same household with me and being surrounded by fishermen, Owen has heard me constantly talking about LiveScope with my friends for over a year. Not until recently has Owen had a strong hankering to try it out. On our trip yesterday that all changed when he caught his first 13 inch roaming Crappie “live”. Even though he already loves fishing, I saw him light up with a special kind of excitement when that big Slab trailed his Lemon Pie Crappie Kicker for a few seconds, then hammered it. After a few pics he immediately dropped his lure back down around the brush and started targeting another specific fish. Yep, LiveScope allows you to do that. Now, you can target specific fish in brush piles, around bride piers, on drops or wherever else you see a fish relating to structure. After watching the second fish eat his Kicker live he had the pattern figured out and was completely engaged while watching Crappie on the LiveScope screen.

16 year old Owen Williams with a heavy Grand Lake Crappie he caught while using Garmin LiveScope.

So my question is. Could Garmin be utilizing it’s technology to try and introduce more kids into fishing? I personally feel like introducing LiveScope in certain situations would get more youngsters involved. If kids can see the fish “live” they have a very intriguing target. And we all know nowadays quite a few kids spend countless hours setting in front of video screens gaming. Why not try and persuade some of those young gamers to try some real life fish gaming? In all reality that’s exactly what anglers are doing out there with LiveScope. Yes it’s still fishing, but being able to target them live is a lot like seeking out an individual enemy on mortal combat. The comparisons are very real, think about it… I also think we are in the infancy stages with technologies like these. As more advancements are made and pricing goes down the opportunity to introduce many youngsters to this type of fish gaming is real. We as experienced anglers need to embrace this idea and utilize LiveScope as a tool to do so. Garmin needs to open it’s creative idea box and start focusing on ways to use LiveScope to get more kids involved in fishing. I have plenty of ideas in how this can be accomplished and I’ll discuss those in a different story. I just know what I’ve seen from personal experiences and how it’s probably changed my sons way of thinking forever now too.

Ole’ Pops with a late Winter Crappie caught in his Charger VMAG on Grand Lake.

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