Slow Roll a Go Go!

Ole’ Pops with a monster Grand Lake black Crappie caught at 25ft slow rolling a Fle Fly Go Go Minnow.

Sometimes late Summer Crappie can be extra picky. Many of the large fish here at Grand Lake in NE Oklahoma have spent from late May to mid August gorging themselves after the rigors of the spawn. Once their body weights start to stabilize they can get finicky. Hopefully these fishing tips will help you land a few more this time of year.

One pattern that really seems to work well for me is finding the deepest brush piles that are holding fish. Once I find these piles with my GPS and Downview/color sonar (which are usually in 25 to 30 ft of water) I tie on quick sinking 3/16oz Big Eye jighed then string a 2.5” Go Go Minnow on it. It’s pretty simple fising from that point on. Cast and reel sloooooow, and I mean really slow. Sometimes I add a few rod twitches but not many. The optimum lure depth is just above the tops of the brush. Crappie in warm water move fast and will bolt out of the piles and hammer the Go Go’s. Don’t expect to catch lots of Crappie from each pile most days either. Take the active fish and move on. Boat control in the wind and waves is vital too. The Charger Vmag ( does a masterful job of staying put on spotlock mode. This really increases your casting accuracy and sense of feel. Boat control sets great anglers apart from average anglers.

  • The clearer the water the deeper the big Crappie will be.
  • Fish slow.
  • Don’t wait around for more Crappie to bite.
  • Heavy multi species boats like the Charger VMAG provide you the best chances at targeting deep cover.
  • Spotlock is a must have.
  • No stretch line like Micro Braid will help you detect even the lightest bite

Later Gang! And as always,

Good Luck Out There!

Ole’ Pops 🇺🇸

Published by Ole' Pops

🇺🇸 America lovin, cheeseburger grillin, boat ridin, t-shirt wearin, critter slayn, fish catchin, truck drivin, flag wavin Okie my friends and family call #OlePops 🇺🇸 You can find me in the outdoors somewhere about all the time on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Fishbrain, or YUDU.

2 thoughts on “Slow Roll a Go Go!

    1. Fish the shade from a dock. Try and place homemade brush piles or pvc shelters if possible.
      Look for creek bank swings and deep drops from shore. Use a bobber and minnow to target lay downs or brush thats fallen in from the bank.


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