Man it was time for a fish fry!

Ole Pops at Shangri La on Grand Lake with a big platter of fresh Crappie and Fried Taters!
Cook your Grand Lake Crappie perfect every time in a Cajun Fryer!
Fresh Crappie caught on a 2” Electric Blue Crappie Kicker from Grand Lake.
Grand Lake outdoor report from Grand Lake radio KGVE 99.3.

Published by Ole' Pops

🇺🇸 America lovin, cheeseburger grillin, boat ridin, t-shirt wearin, critter slayn, fish catchin, truck drivin, flag wavin Okie my friends and family call #OlePops 🇺🇸 You can find me in the outdoors somewhere about all the time on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Fishbrain, or YUDU.

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