Am I nuts or just a true fan?

I’ve been a Kansas City Chiefs fan my entire life. Some very intelligent folks have questioned that decision through the years because KC hasn’t been to the Superbowl since 1969. That was 1 season before I was born. 🤦‍♂️ Over the years, internally, I have of grappled with the idea of continuing to cheer forContinue reading “Am I nuts or just a true fan?”

Big Catfish live on deep ledges at Grand Lake in Oklahoma!

Hope y’all like the video! It was fun putting this together a few weeks ago! Since I was building videos long before I started to blog, I will be going backwards from time to time sharing videos and photos from the past! Good news is much of this repurposed hunting and fishing content still relevantContinue reading “Big Catfish live on deep ledges at Grand Lake in Oklahoma!”

Man – It’s looking like Shangri-La Resort on Grand Lake is fixing to become “Fisherman Friendly!

Well I have BIG NEWS for the folks that like to fish at Grand Lake in NE Oklahoma! Resort CEO Barry Willingham and I are putting together a new “fisherman friendly” plan for the resort patrons. The fisherman friendly atmosphere has long been overdue at the resort and we are super excited to see howContinue reading “Man – It’s looking like Shangri-La Resort on Grand Lake is fixing to become “Fisherman Friendly!”

I guess now I blog too!

Well, since my job is reaching folks and creating content why not learn how to blog too! So here I go on another adventure! Never really considered blogging something I’d consider but hey I’ll try anything once!

New Crappie fishing video from Elk City Lake in Kansas!

Hope y’all enjoy the new Crappie fishing video! Mark Tobin and I really caught some nice Kansas Slabs in Kansas at Elk City Lake just North of Independence.

My son is catching Crappie at Tablerock Lake!

Well it looks like the Crappie are biting on Tablerock Lake this week even through all the rising water! Here is my oldest son Haydn Williams of William’s Guide Service with a nice Tablerock Crappie. Fish was caught using a homemade mobile Garmin LiveScope unit. Lure of choice was 2” monkey milk Crappie Kicker fishedContinue reading “My son is catching Crappie at Tablerock Lake!”